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CTG Lawyers has 23 years of experience in immigration law. Immigration Solutions is accustomed to tackling complicated applications that require detailed arguments. Legislation and regulations in the field of immigration law are susceptible to regular changes and as such it is vital to seek credible and accurate advice from an experienced immigration lawyer who provides this information in an easy-to-understand format.

CTG Lawyers take prides itself on its efforts to observe the political air and detect any future changes that may affect our clients. Dealing with immigration issues can be very complex and frustrating. CTG Lawyers strives to alleviate any anxiety by providing outstanding personal as well as professional care to each of our clients.

CTG Lawyers has been heavily involved in the development of immigration law not just nationally, but also internationally. We have well-established international connections which are also strengthened through our membership with Visalaw International.

If you have had trouble with your visa application and time is running out contact the team at CTG Lawyers and we will do our best to help you.

Client Testimonial...

Fantastic results
Very thorough with the applications
They never miss a beat.

I’ve returned to Anne because I know my affairs will be looked after with absolute care.
I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my requirements.

If you need the best immigration advice and help, immigration solutions is for you.

----- Katie White ----